Travelling and connecting again

Most of us haven’t travelled for quite some time now. I remember those nice long summer evenings in Europe where it is still light outside at 11 pm. Sitting on a city patio with friends chatting or silently watching people walk by, exchanging looks of approval or surprise. Walking trough the streets of an unknown city, looking at the local restaurant’s menus trying to decide where to dine that evening. Connecting with the locals and enjoying drives trough a new landscape listening to unfamiliar bird calls. For a while these things have been on hold now.

But, you know, we will have all that back, hopefully soon. And until then, we can build and strengthen our network. We can prepare ourselves to explore again, meet new people discover cultures.

RODNAE Productions at Pexels

With this new LWAW123 app it gets easier to connect yourself to your own kind of people or, even better, a totally different kind! How amazing would it be to be able to visit these new friends for real, or to live in a different place for a while and get to really know the locals.

How I love to daydream about the places I’d go! I hope to visit Japan one day, see the incredible details in their crafts and enjoy the local food. I can’t wait till all this is possible again. Where would you want to go?

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