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How to Use the App

What login methods are supported?

– Currently, we support the use of email, Google accounts on Android, Apple ID on IOS, and phone numbers.

How to create an LFamily?

– Navigate to the Me tab on the top left of the page. Then scroll down to see the “Create LFamily” option. Give it a name and profile picture and it’s all set up!

– The LFamily can also be toggled to a private one under the Advanced Settings options. Setting it as private makes the members hidden and only invited users can become members.

Content not being updated?

– Pictures and videos must first be approved by the LWAW moderator team. This may take some time and we ask that you be patient.

– After the pictures have been approved, the changes may not be visible to the user right away. In order to see changes you have made, navigate to a different page and then go back. The updates should then be seen!

How do I promote my content?
  1. You must have pictures or videos uploaded and approved on your profile.
  2. Navigate to your profile tab, there will be an option to promote yourself.
  3. Select either a slideshow where you can select pictures to be played as a slideshow or a video where you can select a video to be displayed.
  4. Choose the number of flowers and confirm!
  5. Your content will then be displayed on the “See the World” tab!
I have issues promoting my LFamily

– If you are having issues promoting your LFamily, make sure to check if the LFamily has any flowers. If not then the admin can transfer flowers from their account to the LFamily by going to the account page and selecting the “Transfer Flowers” option. Select the family to transfer flowers to and the number. Now the LFamily should have flowers.

– The same process detailed for promoting users in “How do I promote my content?” can be applied to promote groups.

How to connect with users and LFamilies?

– While on the “See the world” page or the “Explore” page, you can like other users or LFamilies and choose to connect with them in an existing LFamily of either person or create a new one.

– You can chat with members of your LFamily by navigating to the Inbox and Conversations tab.

– The admin can navigate to their LFamily and under the Members section can invite users by their name, or get a link to share

How does matching work in LWAW?

– Matching occurs between users and LFamilies.

– When you like another user you will be prompted to select a group they are in or a group of your own.

– You can go to the Me tab and check the Like History in order to see which users and LFamilies like you and you can like them back to create a match!

How to get flowers?

– Free flowers can be obtained by watching a reward ad by selecting “Get Free Flowers”

– Flowers can be purchased in the app under “Purchase flowers”

What to do with flowers?

– Flowers can be gifted to other users in the Explore tab.

– They are also a necessary cost in order to promote yourself or your LFamily.

– Your Flower History is available in your Me Tab and you can see who the flowers you received were from and who you sent flowers to.

How to contact us?

– At the bottom of your profile settings there is a ‘Contact Us’ Page, this will allow you to send us an email with any of your questions or concerns.

Other questions/concerns

– Feel free to contact us through the app by selecting Contact Us in the Me tab.

– You can ask for support for reporting abuses and issues, technical issues, and general questions.

General Questions

What is co-living?
– Co-living is a way of living where residents share facilities and form a community that helps each other and enjoys activities and meals together.

-Co-living is a modern form of shared housing for like-minded people to live, work and play together. 

Are there any down sides to co-living?

– We can’t really think of any. You can decide for yourself how much you will be involved in your community and how much time you will spend. You will of course have to do your chores, but that is probably also the case at home, unless you have a butler there!

How much do I need to be involved for co-living?

– You decide your level of involvement, always at least do an effort to get to know your community members and show up for joint maintenance/ chores.

Do I still have my privacy in a co-living community?

– Yes, you will likely have your own room or studio with some shared facilities like an office, kitchen, meeting room, gym, pool, gardens, all depending on the kind of community you are in.

Are there unwritten rules for co-living?

– We have etiquette/ expectations of common respect to show to each other. Things like; always make sure you don’t leave any messes in common spaces and clean up after yourself. No loud music or media (use headphones) and discuss with your co-residents whenever you want to bring guests over.

What kind of activities would a co-living group do together?

– It its up to the group really, we recommend having a few meals a week together (taking turns in cooking broadens everybody’s menu/diet) book clubs, gardening, movie night, tea time, so many possibilities!

Is co-living for me?

Co-living is for people who value community as well as individuality. Community members have a common interest of wanting to learn from the people they surround themselves with. They also value the positive environmental impact of sharing resources and costs to reduce waste.

What is the difference between co-housing and co-living?

The result of these two can be the same but the intention is different. Where co-living is centered around building a community, co-housing involves owning the property and the investment that comes with that.