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  • Will co-living be the new normal?
    Do we need to go back to ‘the village’? Are there ways to re-create the village life style in our modern cities? How much space can we share and what would be an ideal group size for co-living? With the world growing more and more individualistic it is good to see trends like co-living on… Read More »Will co-living be the new normal?
  • Travelling and connecting again
    Most of us haven’t travelled for quite some time now. I remember those nice long summer evenings in Europe where it is still light outside at 11 pm. Sitting on a city patio with friends chatting or silently watching people walk by, exchanging looks of approval or surprise. Walking trough the streets of an unknown… Read More »Travelling and connecting again
  • An introduction to LWAW
    Have you ever made accommodations for a location abroad, and wanted to get to know your host better? Our app aims to connect people with others around the world, and build trust between individuals. We hope to help people build relationships with others so that they will feel as though they have a global family.… Read More »An introduction to LWAW


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